cykle is an innovative, semi-generative melodic step sequencer for iOS that works by abstracting away all musical parameters (such as pitch, velocity, length, transposition and more) into individual sequences, by way of decoupled sequencer lanes. thus, the interplay between simple elements easily yields complex and musically interesting results.

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frequently asked questions

  1. how does this work? is there a manual?
    yes, the manual is here.

  2. what's wrong? why don't hear I anything?
    cykle doesn't make any sound by itself. you will need to connect to a MIDI-compatible synthesizer app on your device, load it in an AUv3-compatible host (such as Audiobus or AUM) or connect it to an external synthesizer, computer or any other sound generating device.

  3. how do I select a MIDI destination or channel?
    swipe up on the channel view and tap Output destination.

  4. are the snapshots MIDI controllable?
    yes, you can switch snapshots by sending MIDI program changes (*bank select** 1-8) to cykle's MIDI input.

  5. what is MIDI Input mode?
    an active MIDI input mode allows you to control the pitch of a pattern via external MIDI input, such as an external MIDI keyboard controller. select the MIDI input source in the menu > Settings > MIDI Input source.

  6. how can I send MIDI CC messages?
    add a control sequence to your channel and select the desired control number by tapping the label (74 - Brightness) on the cell.

  7. does cykle send MIDI clock?
    it does, clock sending can be enabled via the Settings pane in the menu.

  8. can I export/import my patterns?
    cykle currently doesn't support exporting or importing patterns. however, patterns can be accessed and copied as raw files (.ckp) via File Sharing in Finder/iTunes.

  9. I have another question.
    send me an email.


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